Design for the Everyday Human

Clean, timeless design being made available to everyone. I want to make the web beautiful and not add to the mess. I specialize in websites, images & video, but can make a nice logo or poster too.

How does it work?

Who are you and why do you do this?

I'm Brad. Nice you meet you! I've seen many small businesses struggle with design, either because they don't have to time or it's too expensive. I get that and realized I can fix it. I work full time at Downtown Bentonville Inc, but I love web design so much that I find myself doing it for fun at home too. I do this for the people. Money is cool, but I just use it to take care of my family and buy tools to make my work better. I don't ever want to in a new subdivision and don't want a prime location for the business. Even my phone line is free with Google Voice. So I make things simple to keep overhead extremely low and to save us time.

"Money and fame bring a man shame. Ain't no doubt about it."

Why would I stray so far from the norm? To meet you where you are. I don't care about recognition. Only making the best websites to to the people who can't afford an agency. Minim's purpose is to help small businesses grow in a place where these services are hard to afford...let a lone their rent. (It's insane. I get it.)

How are your prices so low?

I believe you should know what design will cost before you call me. All my prices are listed as clearly as a price tag. A lot of people will tell you that you need more than you do or that it's harder than it is. We keep it simple and that keeps more money in your pocket.

"Ok, sure, but great prices up front don't mean much if you charge a crap-ton for changes or hosting. What's the catch?
Yeah, tell me about it! My hosting is listed just like everything else and it's just a little more than you'd pay for Wix or Squarespace. Yes, I make a little profit from it, but we're talking like $10-$20 a month and that pays for a few business costs. So its nothing to be weary about it and for changes, most things take me less than an hour and so I don't charge for them. Ask any of my clients and they'll have good things to say about that. I ain't a sneak. With the right tools you can do things well without wasted time.

If we've never met, text me first.

Its cause Im a grumpy old man...and mean. Ha!
No, but since I have a full time job on top of this I can rarely answer an unknown number. Plus we all know that spam is insane these days. I can often times text you back with all the info you need to know to decide if you want to start a project.

If this is a part time job, how are you so good at keeping up with your clients?

After you decide to work with me, I have you download an app called Brief. It's basically your personal Minim hotline. My clients love it. In fact I've built websites without ever meeting people before. It works like a charm. Meetings waste a lot of time and this can really get you a site much faster.

Have content ready when we start.

Remember you're hiring a designer. I'm not making content and that's because nobody knows what you do better than you. Before we start a project, please know what you want to say and I'll help you lay it out perfectly. If I'm having to guess at what you might need then we'll inevitably waste a fair amount of time. Come to me with what you think the basic structure of the site should be and think through what you want to say in your about section, pricing, homepage etc... If we can do it with less pages, then at least we had somewhere to start. That's important.

For example, if you have pricing tiers, I can't design that part of the site without the information because the amount of content could mean we need something different that a typical column.

Will you work on the website I've started?

Thats one thing we don't do for a good reason. I know you've probably put a fair amount of time into it, but there's just no guarantee I can pick up on the platform you use. I use tools that don't limit what we can do and that are 100% mobile responsive. Website builders don't have that kind power and flexibility. Seeing something partially made makes rebuilding it much faster. So not all is lost. Trust me, it's for the best.

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