Moral of this story - Chad is really good at apparel design...and we love Yeyo's.

Yeyo's came to us and just said they wanted sick-awesome hats. For me, that means a lot of research.

Chad on the other hand, has worn a 5 panel camper hat since he was 2 days old.

He knew instantly that Delusion MFG was were to look. They make each hat you order by hand and they're hella sick. Absolutely the best quality. They can make them from any materials you'd want, and have many options for patches and colors. They even do completely custom pieces. Again - they're sick.

We had just gone to the Rios Family Farm and learned that their Dad, Don Rios (who they call Yeyo) was the man who started it all. So naturally he created a vector their dad on the tractor they started the farm with.

Watch the video we made about the Yeyo's story here. They're incredible.

Sometimes things just come together perfectly. Those magical moments make incredible design pieces.

What is Yeyo's you say? Oh man you're in for a life changing treat!

Yeyo's Mexican Grill

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