211 Cafe

Jul 2018
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This is the story of our very first client.

Mauricio Guerrero moved to the states from Guatemala only 3 years ago. He didn't know English and didn't know how to start a business, but he wanted to show the world his love for coffee and his country - starting with Bentonville. This man is known for 211 Cafe, outstanding, unique coffee, putting a smile on everyone's face and saying "COFFEE YOUR LIIIFE!" (He means it too.)

211 Cafe started off the Bentonville Square where The First Seat is now. He taught people that coffee could be better and to slow down and enjoy each others company. Every time you walked into 211 Cafe you felt like you could talk to the stranger next to you, because you all had this little place in common. Also coffee, you had coffee in common...for sure. That was enough. It was hard though, financially things were tough and it didn't help that English was a new language for him. In his most desperate time, Bike Rack Brewing Co. invited him to work under them as they began experimenting with coffee and beer under the same roof, however in the end coffee people and beer people are so different that it wasn't the best fit for them.

Now, like a quetzal out of the fiery ashes of Guatemalas hottest volcano, he is bringing back 211 Cafe.

That old small coffee shop feeling will be back and he will make sure to roast and brew all the coffees himself. We can't say much yet, but he has some plan in the making that will make you very very happy.

If you're a fan of 211 like Brad is and are in tears thinking of what coffee to drink in the meantime. It's ok!

We're working on an ordering app so you can have Mauricio visit you in person with your hot cup of beans. That'll hold us over until he gets things confirmed for a new space.

211 Cafe is returning at full force and we're crazy excited to help our man Mau with whatever he needs.

Did we mention we love small businesses and want to help all of y'all?

It's stories like this that make Minim Design Co. Yeah, now you get it.

Ha! Gotcha!

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