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Dec 2019
see the sitetext me

Maaaan I just love it when my clients are happy!

Dana Schlagenhaft does consulting for companies working on their brand. she offers brand strategy, digital marketing, social media, shopper marketing and can help you with media and public relations. She does a lot and she's made great websites, videos and graphics before, but she needs a little back up and I've been helping her with the website side. She also started Bentonville Love & Hello Local and did all the branding for them! How cool is that?

This is another story of a person saved from the bowels of Wordpress. In fact she told me the other day she was building a site for a client, it was a rush order and she was sitting on the couch literally crying tears when her husband Alan asked her what the matter was.

She said the one word that explains all tears, heartache, pain and strife: "Wordpress."

You think I'm kidding about Wordpress and it's probably not THAT bad, but I didn't make this up! Trust me there's an easier way.

So Dana needed a one page site that's incredible easy to update and I always say it has to be better than anything I've ever built in the context of the clients needs. Gotta keep that bar high yo! That's what we build.

Maaaan it's so cool, just just gotta see it.

I love scrolling through it and just enjoying the ride. Each section grabs your focus in a new way and really highlights its mesasage while doing something you didn't know the internet could do. Things like sticky progress bars that hide and show content, and horizontal scrolling can be huge for a site, especially since nobody else (YES YOU WORDPRESS) has figured out how to do it right. Oh and it all works perfectly on mobile!

I'm super thrilled that Dana trusts me with her business and ended up as happy as a bug.

Side Note :)

This site is built with Webflow along with all sites I build. If you use Illustrator, but want to make your mockups actually work, with perfect code that you can download and send to your developer, just build it in Webflow. your illustrator skills and little bit of HTML/CSS combines into the most exciting web builder a designer could ask for. It's perfect.

Ha! Gotcha!

We hate facebook with a burning passion.

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