Ro'ark Leather Co.

Logo Collection
Sep 2018

Michael is an excellent craftsman and needed a logo to keep his brand on the same level as his wares. As we do with all logo projects, we started with several layouts to get a feel for the creative direction of the project. Chad had a lot of fun with this one and ended up making quite a few. Michael was so thrilled by how they all went together that he bought them all. So now when you see him at a craft show he has his logo on all his products tags, but each logo is a little different. They all blend together so well.

At the moment it looks like he's taking a break from his leather working, but you may still find him at a few craft shows. Keep your eyes peeled.

How We Make Logos For You


The way we approach logo design is this. We work hard to get you one logo for $250. We'll send you versions along the way with stark differences, just to gauge what you like and don't like. As long as you don't decide you want something completely different after making some headway on the logo, then you'll pay $250. You get to see some variations along the way and that'll really help us all find the direction we're looking for. It's quite fun. The additional $150 you see in our prices comes along when a client back tracks and wants something vastly different after spending ample time on a project or when you want all of the variations you've seen along the way. Much like Michael here.

Nice and easy.

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