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Jan 2019
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Everyone always asks: "Where did the name Yeyo's come from?" Let me introduce you to Don Yeyo...

Rafael & Roman Rios began by working with their dad in his garden years ago. When it got too big to give away, they started the food truck and their dad was a huge help in encouraging them to do so. His name is Don Rios but they’ve always called him “Yeyo.”  Try the Don Yeyo Special on the brunch menu.

These people are so great somehow it makes the food better.

Every time we go into Yeyo's it feels like home. Except my family can't cook this good.(Sorry Mom! Love you anyway!)

Let's get into this site.

The Menu

Our primary focus on this redesign was making their menu available online and easy to understand. It also needed to be insanely easy to update on their own without the fear of messing up the design. Take a look. It won't be long and you may find yourself in front of the register.

The Story

Everything they do from the hand-made furniture to the farms they use to the produce they grow - it all has a story. They put so much love into this food and they do it all so they can improve your quality of life with something they love. We made them a few videos to tell those stories. They highlight their farm (Rios Family Farm), Hanna Ranch and their restaurant. You can taste the authenticity of each bite. There is nothing better!

When you eat Yeyos, nothing is wrong in the world.

Go get you some Yeyo's and let that mouth water.

You'll be fist pumping with every bite.

Or at least I do. (Ask Rafael, I'm pretty sure he's seen me.)


Ha! Gotcha!

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