Ha! Gotcha!

We hate facebook with a burning passion.

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to keep small, downtown businesses rollin.


When does the store disappear?

This is an online pop-up shop. It will close when I can't pay for it anymore. So if you like something. Get it before then and if you do, that'd keep it going longer.

Every month when it comes time to pay for it ask my self if it's worth keeping around.

Whats the problem here?

Well if you haven't heard, like most any small business in 2020. They ain't doin' so well in Downtown Bentonville, so we're just going to raise as much money as we can for them.

How are you fixing it Brad?

From working at Downtown Bentonville inc for 6 years I've got to know all the small businesses owners on some level. Theres a few I know really well and they tell me when they need money for things and just don't have enough. Sometimes I can help with the money made from Minim, but that's just sometimes.

The idea is they have needs that people don't want to come out and talk about. And they especially don't want to ASK FOR MONEY.

That's fair, so I'm asking you to give just a little and I'll make sure all that money goes straight to them for whatever it is they need.

Do I get any credit for giving?


If you're allabout dat life, it ai'nt gonna happen.

Jesus gonna' give you a better reward one day if you shut your yapper, so you can thank me then.