Transparent About Our Finances


March 14, 2020

Not many people in this business can be super transparent about their finances, but Minim was built on the idea of being affordable by not wasting money on things we don’t need like an office or phone line etc... There was one time Chad and I bought electric longboards and trust me they're so much better than a bike, but that was literally the only time we broke our rule. (Like I said, I'm being transparent and that means honest too.)

So when you pay me for a website, logo or prints or any of our services the money goes into either: 1. Savings for my family or 2. Better equipment to ultimately make you better.

I just bought a new camera, so I thought I'd tell you why. (Also how exciting is that?!) I got a Sony A73, because my other camera (a6000) had pretty shaky video and didn’t allow as much light in the sensor, making it hard to get good images in low light. The new camera is one of the best on the market for low light and handles 4K video very well. my old lenses don't quite use it's full capability but you can bet when it comes time for a new one I'll find a good deal. In fact this camera was an excellent Cyber Monday deal!

now, I deffinlty didn't go buy the most expensive camera and hope it would be perfect. I got the lest expensive camera I could that would give me the best shots. It was $1800 and is going to take some really nice footage at the Christmas Parade tonight and in the sexy Yeyo's Mezcaleria on Monday. I wanna to do justice to every place I shoot and now I can without blowing a ton of money on a camera I don't need.

Just sayin' since Minim is my hobby and businesses, everything I'd want to buy anyway doubles as a better tool for you! We set it up this way on purpose to give you the bet value.

Im super pumped to look back and say that my rad clients bought this camera for me and I hope I get a chance to take some rad pics for ya. Couldn't do it with out ya!

If all this is just rambling to you, that's cool, that's cool, but at least it keeps me in line with why I do this.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & cowabunga - let's party.


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