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Unbranded, Eclectic, simple Mercahndise

made just for you


What We're (Not) Famous For

You may be wondering...

When does the store disappear?

This is an online pop-up shop. It will close when I can't pay for it anymore. So if you like something. Get it before then and if you do, that'd keep it going longer.

Every month when it comes time to pay for it ask my self if it's worth keeping around.

Whats the point of this store?

To make fun merch and sell it at a great price. Seriously for fun.

I have another job, so I don't want to make lots of money - just enough to cover the costs of the store. It ends up being between $2-$3 on most items. Some like stickers only make like 40 cents.

You'll see that in the price and be amazed by the quality. Since I can automate this store with Printful, I can charge super low prices, get you sweet merch effortlessly and just have fun making new designs. Maybe one day we'll have billions of sales and end up making a lot of money, but yeahhh...whatever dude.

Money kinda sucks.

Some items have kinda expensive shipping.

I hear that. I'm not super thrilled about it, but because this whole store is automated through Printful, it has to charge their rates. I can't do this with inventory, so know that I'm not hiding it or trying to trick you. $6 for a mug is stupid, so I try to keep the prices ridiculously low by only adding between $2 & $3 dollars markup.

At the same time, all this merch is designed by a local artist (me) and is so crazy one-of-a-kind, you'll never see anything like it. Maybe that makes up for it, but if you don't want to pay it -don't! I won't cry. If you find the low prices help and you really love something - then go for it.

The pricier ones I'm talking about are:
Mugs / $6
Pillows / $10

I'll charge as little as possible on the item to help with that.

Do you have Bentonville merch?

No doubt. Check out the City Swag collection. You won't find anything like it anywhere!

I'll probably kick out some Rogers stuff too. We live in Bentonville AR. It's a rad town. However you'd be surprised how hard it is to find Bentonville merch,

(However Bentonville Mercantile has some killer stuff and see who does on the Downtown Bentonville app I made.)

I make that at a reasonable price with basically no markup and absolutely no branding. The only branding is the site so you know where to buy it. When you get it, you won't see us anywhere on it. Just enjoy your product and sure if someone asks where you got it, you can tell them. If you want. Or keep it to yourself. Whatever floats your banana boat.

How did you make an automated store?

Printful is a killer drop-shipping company, which means they will make even as low as 1 custom product and ship it out.They're user interaface is crazy easy to use and makes fantastic looking mock-ups so we have a great idea what our products look like before we order them. We've used them for years.
They recently integrated their ability to make a store with Ecwid and it automatically syncs orders, shipping rates, products and everything with them. So we make products on Printful and then we're done. we had to give it a shot and see how it works..