Yeyo's Mexican Grill

Web, Apparel, Branding, Photography, Videography

Project Lead:


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Yeyo’s was a great project to work on because the people are so great. Rafael & Roman Rios began by working with their dad in his garden years ago. When it got too big to give away, they started the food truck and their dad was a huge help in encouraging them to do so. His name is Don Rios but they’ve always called him “Yeyo.” That’s where they get their name! I always wondered that.

Our primary focus on this redesign is making their menu easy to find for the user and to make it easy for them to update it on their own without the fear of messing up the design. It’s all about peace of mind and making their jobs easy. all the images and video on their site were taken by Brad and they'll make your mouth water.

We also made them a few videos that you may have seen in the restaurant. They highlight their farm (Rios Family Farm), Hanna Ranch and their restaurant location. It turns out they grow everything in town and then visit their hometown in Mexico and the surrounding cities to try the street food. If that's not authentic enough, then go to those people's houses to learn how to cook it! The whole thing blows our mind and then you we eat it and nothing is wrong in the world.

They do justice to the words "one hundred percent authentic."