Whether you need a personal site, need to sell services or are trying to become the next Amazon, we will be there to help the world see the real you.


Great design begins with great media. We will personally take photo and video to use for our projects if needed. We also shoot family, personal, and products pics as well.


Logos, Identity, Apparel and Swag.


There is something mystical about print in a digital era. Step outside of the pack and bring print back.


We believe a good responsive website is better than a native app, but if you need that extra bit of connection, we'll make you one that's clean, simple & easy to manage on your own.


We think you'll want to keep us in your back pocket for a long time, but we will make sure you learn the basics of good design along the way.

Our Story

is about you.

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. You have an idea. You don’t have it all figured out at first, but you know that this little nugget of inspiration could be great.

Any idea worth sharing, big or small, deserves to be shared in all of its glory. Too often great ideas are either shared poorly or just never get heard. We saw a need. The tools, resources, and talents needed to share an idea are often far too out of reach in their infancy. Here lies the catch 22. Your idea hasn’t grown enough to afford it the platform it deserves, but if you don’t no one will ever hear.

That is why we founded Minim Design Co. To make great Human Centered design available to real humans. We offer modern, minimal, timeless design that keeps the emphasis on your idea. Design should get out of the way and simply be the platform that allows your idea to shout from the rooftops, “I’m here! I’m good! I will not be ignored!”.

No matter your unique situation, we are here to make things easy. Focus on your idea, business, art, whatever it may be and let us handle the rest.

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