211 Cafe

Restaurant, Info
Jul 2018

Mauricio, owner of 211 Cafe (now Mauricio's) was the first website we built as Minim Design Co and he’s a great friend of ours. He moved from Guatemala about 4 years ago with a dream to bring their coffee to us. Their coffee is absolutely one of a kind. The flavor is so pure. Give it a “shot” sometime. One of the best parts of the cafe is being greeted by Mauricio. I see him most every day and I'm greeted like I haven't seen him in years.

People just feel good when they walk in! Ask anyone who regulars the place.

It was fun to re-build his site. I experimented with a few 3D like effects and there’s some cool, subtle, interactions that put emphasis on certain things in a way that's fun..

Their site is gone, but...

Since 211 Cafe was recently bought by Bike Rack Brewing Co. their website isn't used any more, but you can still see the unpublished version of it. It's a great example of a clean and simple website made by Minim Design Co.

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