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Jan 2019

This site was created under the Minim title. Chad and I have full time jobs at Downtown Bentonville Inc. where we make the website and all designed media.

It's a fun site for a small nonprofit that does events in Downtown Bentonville. They're a small 7 person team that puts on all the First Fridays, Farmers Market, the Christmas Parade, Lighting of the Square and more. They can do a whole lot for such a small team.

This site has everything. Its focus is primarily their events, but they also needed a way for all of Bentonville to easily add their own events to one massive community calendar.


By using Event Calendar App, Webflow and Paperform everyone can submit events easily with very little maintenance on DBI's end. I can add events to it just by clicking that I'm interested on Facebook and the event is pulled straight to the calendar.


They also wanted to list every business in Downtown with directions, and information about them all. The Explore page organizes it all into categories making it easy to find all the restaurants, parks, art galleries and more. It was quite the task. I took many of the images you see as well.


Applications are a big part of it too so we signed up with Paperfom to build kick butt forms that everyone can manage and they tire into the website seamlessly.


They have a ton of events and each one needs a one page website so I put them all into one dynamic page that shows and hides tons of different info based on which event is selected. It looks very clean and runs fast!


As if that's not cool enough I was also able to create an app that uses at the data in the Explore collections, so that the app could be updated when the website is. The website is very mobile responsive, but an app feels different, so I just created it from scratch to look and feel like one. Really it's just four pages of the website that are only linked to each other, but you'd never know. Download it to check it out.

This site is a great example of how we can solve the most complex problems in a way that is fresh and unique. It was a ton of fun to make to say the least.
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