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Feb 2019
Wordpress can suck it.

That's what brought us together with NWA Girl Gang. Rachel Fox had put a lot of time into making something on Wordpress and realized it was slowly killing her soul. We came along and made her a simple site in just three or four days with a custom blog and event calendar. Her Instagram shows up nicely on her site thanks to Zapier.

If you get overwhelmed with the design of your site. We take care of that and make it crazy easy to update without the worry of messing anything up. No nasty plugins need updating and all your changes can be viewed in real time; things Wordpress will never have.

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Ha! Gotcha!

We hate facebook with a burning passion.

Really, we hate all kinds of social media, but you can follow our Instagram if you'd like to see nice images ever so often.

We don't promote ourselves. Just the people and places we love.